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Coming Home to USA!

United States of America: PERMANENT RESIDENCY BY INESTMENT as an official Government program (EB-5 Green Card Program)



The U.S. congress created the EB-5 immigrant investors visa program in 1990 to attract foreign investment capital to the U.S. to bolster the creation of domestic jobs.

In order to entice investors, the investors are granted conditional permanent residency status (generally know as Green Cards), which become unconditional if the required ten domestic jobs are created and maintained through the conditional residency period.


EB-5 Investment criterion, conditions and requirements:

  • The minimum investment sum requirement of the EB-5 Program is $ 500,000 if the business is located in a “Targeted Employment Area” (defined as a locality with more than 150% of the national unemployment rate)
  • For any other business located in normal employment areas, the investment sum for the EB-5 program is $ 1,000,000.
  • The invested equity capital is “at-risk” prior to the removal of the immigrant conditions.
  • Positive personal due diligence (criminal check- up etc.) of investor, spouse and dependents.
  • Source of funds documentation is required.
  • The investor must have a net worth (or joint net worth with the investors spouse) of at least
    $ 1,000,000 (excluding the equity value of their residences); or the investor had an annual gross income in each of the last two years of at least $ 200,000, and has expected gross income in the current year of at least $ 200,000 (or joint annual gross income with spouse of $ 300,000).
  • The EB-5 Program grants the investor, his/her spouse and all unmarried dependent children up to the age of 21 years, the permanent residency in the United States.
    Citizenship application is possible earliest 5 years after the initial conditional green card is granted.


The EB-5 Investment Process:

Part 1:

  1. Execution of all project agreements like: Subscription Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Escrow Agreement, Immigration Assurance Agreement and Immigration Services Support Agreement.
  2. Placement of the Limited Partnership interest purchase price of minimum $ 500,000 into escrow.
  3. Payment of all side costs such like the immigration services support fee, legal fees, application fees, processing fees, etc. (Total side cost will be app. 75.000US$)
  4. Preparation of Green Card Petition (I-526) together with US-Immigration attorney and submission to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Authority USCIS).
  5. USICS adjudicates the Green Card Petition within a period of app. 14-18 months.
  6. After USCIS approval the investor and his family can enter the United States and the conditional Green Card will be issued and stamped in the passport on arrival in the United States of America. An earlier entry is possible through other types of visa (e.g. student visa, etc.).

Part 2:

  1. After app. 2 years from the entry to the US the investor is filing the I-829 petition to lift the conditions and make the Green Card permanent.
  2. Green Card conditionality removed within a period of app. 24 months.
  3. Pay-Back of the initial $ 500,000 (or $ 1,000,000) capital investment.
  4. After further 18 months, earliest after 5 years after the initial conditional green card is granted, the investor and his entire family can apply for the US-Citizenship.


We have currently different approved and qualified business opportunities on offer, such as:

Light RX – Face & Body Medical Spa’s

Value Dental Centers (located in Walmart stores)

(Click on the links to open the company presentation videos on

Both offered investment opportunities have an excellent forecast in regards to return on invest and both are located in TEA’s (investment sum is $ 500,000).


For more detailed information or questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.